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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Another M$FT blunder

A great day for lovers of contrived software hacks! Take a look at this page (or this) that describes a newly found vulnerability in IE6.

Two new browser vulnerabilities have been identified in the process.

As someone who writes software for a 'living' I know first hand that it's not always possible to identify every sloppy construct in your code, nor predict how arbitrary combinations of flaws might work together to completely blow open the security of your computer.

But it was f@*king obvious what was going to happen - even 8 years ago - when Microsoft started down this road of browser/OS integration and total omission of a security model.

Yeah, it's a neat trick that you can integrate and automate your contact database, spreadsheet, and email client using teen-friendly BASIC scripts - but what price convenience? Our security got sold out just so Bill could show off some 'neat tricks' with his Mozilla-killa. How convenient is it now to install a 10Meg security patch every month?

Anyway, go download the latest copy of Mozilla until this current storm blows over. By which time you might just be so hooked on the Tabbed Browser Window that you'll never go back :-)

Personally telnet to port 80 is my favorite way to get online.


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