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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


We went camping over the weekend ... didn't I mention it, oh, I'm sorry.

We went down the coast to Sunset State Beach[search]. We go there every year it seems ... twice this year if fact. It's quite a nice little spot, nestled between a strawberry field and the Pacific Ocean.

Weather wasn't to cracky this week. Mainly overcast, very windy on the beach, big grey waves ... bit like a weekend in Brid' [American?] really!.

Anyway, meant that we didn't get about much, but we did have a big fire in the fire-pit at our site.

Scott and I were up until about midnight on Saturday, drinking (naturally). As I went to the cooler to get another can of bud I disturbed a sweet little skunk that was helping himself to our garbage. Aw bless, it was so cute. It wasn't stinky at all. Much to my suprise and contrary to Pepe-le-pew's depictation of the lil' critters!

Anyway, he looked at us, we looked at him ... then we threw beer at him and he ran away without any spraying.

In checking my facts for Brid I visited http://www.bridlington.net/. They have this picture on the home page:

Sunbathing Chick

I'm sorry, but there is NO WAY anyone would really sit on the beach in brid in a bikini ...


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