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Friday, November 12, 2004

ONJava.com: Got Project Automation?

This book talks about automated testing of software projects. A good idea, particularly if you subscribe to the Agile Methodologies that seem to be A La Mode these days.

Anyway, one trick that I liked was the idea of controlling a couple of Lava lamps (one red one green) based on the success of your build and test scripts.

I'm veeeeery tempted to get out my soldering iron ...

    ONJava.com: Got Project Automation?: "Hark, the build has failed! It's a good thing CruiseControl lit up the red lava lamp ... In your haste you forgot to check in a new file. This is embarrassing, but at least you can easily fix the build now.

    After checking in the missing file, you force a quick build on the build machine just to make sure everything is golden. Glancing over your shoulder you see the red lava lamp go dark and the green lamp come back to life. Crisis averted; life is good."


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