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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Moving domains

After about 6-12months at eRoute hosting, I'm moving womba.com and sagar.org domains to HE.net hosting.

The eRoute experience has not been good. Lost e-mail, delayed e-mail, server down, changes to server config without me being informed. Not made me happy. Initially I went with 'em because they were the only place offering Tomcat on a sub-$10 package. However, by the time I moved sagar.org over there they had withdrawn support for Tomcat on the cheaper accounts.

I already have a couple of servers up at HE and they seem to be more reliable. Plus they're up the road from here, so I can go shout at them much more easily if there are problems. Also they're right on the backbone at MAE-west.

Anyway, womba.com is moving first in the next few days.


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