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Friday, March 18, 2005

iTunes files are only DRM'ed after you've downloaded them to your computer


Hands up if you're an Apple executive who knew this and didn't shoot someone in the fcuking head as soon as you found out about this.

Here's an analogy.

    Hi this is Rik. I'm going to send you a bar of gold and a safe by pony express. When you receive them, can you please put the bar of gold inside the safe so on one can steel it.

Quiz, the best time to steel the bar of gold is;
  1. Next week, once it's been delivered and is stored in the safe
  2. During transit while it is unprotected.
  3. Oh, too hard, ask me another one

E-Commerce News: Legal: New Windows App Buys iTunes Music Store Songs Without DRM: "Realizing that the iTunes Music Store adds the DRM to purchased tracks after the songs have been downloaded -- which enables them to be tied to specific buyers -- the authors of PyMusique created a front-end to the iTunes Music Store that allows tracks to be purchased and downloaded as 128 kbps AAC files, but doesn't add the DRM at the end."


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