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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Uncle Sam wants you... to explain this $50 cash deposit

Reminds me of a story I once heard about the soviet union. How the government read every letter that every citizen received from overseas and spent may manyears (and nodoubt billions) poking it's nose into the daily lives of every citizen.

We all know what happened to the soviet union ... that dictatorship collapsed under its own beaurocratic weight. Let's hope the current world superpowers are smart enough to learn from the USSR's earlier mistakes.

Much better to run your goverment in such a way that people don't feel the need to blow-up your infrastructure don't you think!

    Uncle Sam wants you... to explain this $50 cash deposit: "thanks to the PATRIOT act, banks are spending billions on highly sophisticated, government-mandated anti-money laundering (AML) software that will track every last transaction of every last customer in order to build up individual customer profiles and look for 'suspicious' activity. And when they find some suspicious activity, they're going to want an explanation out of you, regardless of whether or not you fit any sort of terrorist profile. "


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