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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Cover is blown!!

So, it didn't take the wife long to work it out!

Debbie: Why did you TiVo Toolbelt Diva?
Rik: Well I thought it would give a good overview into some of our DIY proj...
Debbie: Are you sure it's not just because you fancy Norma Vally?

D'oh! I guess I'm that obvious!

In a similar vain ... I'm trying to convince Ben that he wants to see the new Herbie movie:

Herbie and Linsey Lohan

Rik Says ...
DirecTV with Philips TiVo RCA DirectTV with installation
Buy DirectTV with Tivo to record Toolbelt Diva on Discovery Home Channel Get DirectTV with FREE installation ... Installation not by Norma


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