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Sunday, June 26, 2005

KGAY weekend

Live105 did it's usual trick of going 'KGAY' for the weekend.

Great music!

  • Soft Cell,
  • Bronski Beat,
  • George Michael,
  • and more ...

All for the pleasure of the million or so out of town homos that have converged on San Fran for the annual Gay Pride festival.

This year KGAY went all the way (f-narr) and got some real gays to do the DJing for the weekend.

From listening to the music selection, I have to deduce that the DJ, between 1984-1986, at The Entertainer was GAY.

No? Well, if it wasn't the DJ then someone else was telling him to play gay music and that person was a raging queer. But wait a minute, that would have been the student president - Tim Fountain - and he was a real ladies man. There's no way he could have been a puff ... right?!


  • Super. Missed the broadcast, however. Will remember next time.
    Thanks for sharing. Big gay pride hugs.

    By Blogger buff, at 6/27/05, 4:23 AM  

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