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Sunday, August 28, 2005

MMS-ly Goodness

Kewl, I just MMS'ed a voice message from my Treo 650 smart phone to my GMail account!

Not excited? Well what's great is that the cigular's MMS server allows you to bridge MMS apps to emails by simply typing an email address instead of a phone number in the 'to' field. Better yet, the voice memo that the phone records (AMR format, as per the GSM spec) is converted in the Cingular back-end to WAV format so it can be played by your run of the mill PC.

Incredible. Especially for Cingular who normally are crap at anything beyond the basics of cellular telephone - i.e., charging you $50/month for not allowing you to make a phone call.

The downside I discovered is that messages are (naturally) not as cheap as SMS and you even get charged for incoming MMS. Hmmm, not sure I like the sound of that.


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