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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vegetables, herbs and spiders

Picked the first tomato and onion from my veg patch this morning.  While I was doing a spot of pruning of the toms I was visited by a Black Widow spider that had built it's web between the back of our Air Conditioning Unit, across to the tomato plant.  Needless too say, I nearly shit a brick as it came waltzing out along it's web.  I tormented it for a while before executing it.  Some animals you just can't take the risk with.  It could do some serious damage to the dog or bunny!

Went to see "Honk" at the Children's Musical Theater in San Jose this afternoon.  The story is really good, I like the concept.  It's a musical interpretation of the story of The Ugly Duckling.

After the show had finished I went along with one of the other dads who was aware there was a geocache nearby.  He had tried to find it a couple days earlier but had failed, so wanted to try again.  Anyway, we hunted for  a while looking for the cache, until eventually I got bored and went to look across the street.  I stuck my hand under the newspaper vending machine and found it ... well, so I thought, as there was a magnetic box attached to the bottom of the thing.  I pulled it off, proclaimed "I've found it" and opened it ... only to discover I'd found someone's stash of weed.  I put it back quick and we went back to the other side of the road to prayed I didn't get shot.  Anyway, we found the geocache in the spot where Michael had thought it would be.


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