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Friday, December 21, 2012

Google Car

While doing the school run this morning I was passed by one of those Google Self Driving Cars, just before arriving at Ben's school.

Apparently no one has programmed the car to observe the 25mph speed limit when students are present law yet, as it passed me while I was doing 25m/h. Some of you Googlers might want to get right on that little detail before you kill a 6th grader.

Still, it looks cool driving along with it's little turret spinning around on top.

Then a shiver went down my spine and I turned to Ben and shouted:

"Kill, kill, kill. Destroy the robot car, before it evolves and takes over the world. In twenty years time, when the robots have enslaved the human race you'll look back at this moment and wish you had acted to protect the future, before the robots became too strong."

Oh, how we laughed ... well, I thought it was funny, but Ben just said, "Er, right. Crazy man. I think you can let me out here. I'll walk the rest of the way to school.".

Well, it was all a bit of fun. But now I just saw this, and I'm thinking maybe human enslavement by robots isn't too far off in the future ...


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