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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

car franchisees 'v' tesla

VADA President urges car dealers to unite to defend their livelihoods against Tesla, as DMV ruling approaches


Car dealerships offer no value.  They are not knowledge about the products they sell.  Their "mechanics" are not well trained on the vehicles that they service.

The only thing they do is play an immoral game of masking the true value of the product they sell, inflate the price by overcharging on service agreements, floor mats, seat covers, scotch guard, warrantees, loans, and vaguely worded fees that are actually extra commissions.

I would be much happier to go to Tesla.com and buy my car direct, at a price that was clearly stated, without pushy sales people lying to me. 

Why does it take 3hrs to buy a car from a dealer?  Because the longer they keep you in their store, the more chances they have to sell you shit you don't want.

I'm with Tesla on this one.



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