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Friday, June 11, 2004

Run Forrest Run ...

Yes, I know, I'm sure my title for this entry is a very tired joke around the Apache Forrest team!

I just discovered Forrest as a documentation tool. I'm working with it for my latest (top secret) project at work. It has to be said, I'm getting pretty excited about using it.

It's a tool that helps you build a website our of all the HTML snippets that you have laying around.

Forrest takes care of the 'style' issues, things like your menu bars, tab list, fast "breadcrumb" navigation buttons. Meaning rather than having to refactor your entire website when your design department change the corporate style guide, you just change one template and re-build the site.

Kind of like what some people can do with Dreamweaver I believe, but

  • without the annoying WYSIWY!G editor.


Anyway, enough of this post. Check out Forrest.


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