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Monday, August 30, 2004

Lake Tahoe Trip

Hey, I forgot to give graphic detail of our trip to Lake Tahoe last weekend (19 - 23 August).

[Some photo here]

We went up to D.L. Bliss State Park. The park is located on the west shore of Lake Tahoe, just North of Emerald Bay (photos of said, somewhere on Sagar.Org).

Had great weather, despite the weatherman pessimistically expecting thunder for the whole time we were up there, we only had one day where it looked like it might.

D.L. Bliss has it's own beach. Depending on where you are in the site it's upto 30 minute walk to the beach from the campground. We spent the first couple of warm days hanging out on the beach and around the camp site. Some of Ben's friends were there too, so he was happy to just hang-out climbing big rocks at the camp.

Water in the lake was a little chilly, but once you got it in was bearable for about 30 minutes. Fortunately the sun was good and hot to bring your body temp back up to normal while you laid on the hot sun drinking, ahem, water to rehydrate :o)

We bought Ben a little inflatable boat, much like this one:
Intex Boat

Spent a few hours with Ben trying to row it round the lake, of course his arms aren't long enough to actually pull both the oars at the same time, so it was somewhat amusing for me (and frustrating for he)!

Sunday wasn't great weather, lots of cloud and rather cold on the beach, so we that day we went over to Tahoe City and had a 'paddle boat' ride on the Tahoe Gal. The Tahoe Gal is a fake paddle boat (the boats from Zephyr Cove were real paddle steamers if I recall correctly).

Anyway, the authenticity of the boat didn't really matter as the bar had Long Island Ice Tea, so as soon as we 'put to sea' Debbie and I were knocking those back. Actually, I think we even started before we set-off. After a little while I also discovered the wonders of the Bloody Mary which never really appealed to me before I tried it. I thought a tomato juice based beverage a silly idea, but after sampling I can recommend it. It might even dislodge Stolli-Martini for my number one cocktail position. Bloody Mary; a fusion of salsa and alcohol. What could be better!

The trip was only slightly marred by Ben hurling in the car on the way back and we had to stop off in Sacramento to clean puke off the back seat. In the parking lot of some university or other.

Good weekend overall!


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