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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Hot Day at the Beach - aka, Rik Lobster

Had a great day at the beach today.

I really wasn't planning to enjoy it - too many trips to the beach in this family. Plus we were taking the dog and that's always stressful as he hates seagulls!

Turned out OK. We were able to let Lucky off the lead most of the time. Carmel is very dog friendly and dogs can go on the beach off-leash. Must be a big pain for non-dog people (like me inherantly). There were hundreds of dogs there ... it's a big beach!

We tired Lucky out at the quiet end of the beach first, with some playing in the water too! Then I took him back down to our spot and he was mostly good, like I say, the 'guls were a bit of a worry, he had to keep chassing them and barking at them lots. Occasionally, in chasing 'guls, he had to jump over unsuspecting sleeping beach goers, resulting in much dislodging of sand and no doubt some pant-soiling.

Ben and I had lots of fun time in the water. The waves were pretty big. Ben had his 'surf board' [really a little body-board (or boogie-board) that we bought in Capitola when Gareth and Kerry were over last year. But he think's it's a surf board]. He did some skipping over the waves as they came up the beach. He'd kneel on the board and hold onto the edge. I'd tow him through the wash. Then I spent some time body surfing the waves in. Nothing better than a salt water enema to give you an appetite!

Got home pretty late. We came home via the "London Pub" (Monterey) were we got fish and chips (and Smithwicks and Strongbow). Lucky got a bit ansy with the tourists - I think he was bored. In Carmel he'd been dead to the world when we walked through town (6 hours on the beach knocked his out) but with the drive to monterey he'd got enough rest to get some bark back.

Ben enjoyed waching the boats come into the harbour. I lined-up some boat diving for next Sunday ;-)

When we got home I looked in the mirror to find I'd neglected to put sunscreen on just about everywhere.

Rik Lobster!


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