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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Linux Hack

Having a great time at the moment at work. I'm doing lots of Linux Hacking. Hard core stuff these days, I've been writing Kernel modules that interact with the Ethernet layers to create, send and receive 802.2 (LLC) based SNAP messages.

God, it was a bitch to sift through all that badly documented kernel code to find out how the to talk to the 802/ethernet layer, but now that I understand it I have to say it's pretty kewl. It's like object oriented and overloaded, but all written in C.

Then I was writing code to make my module look like a file device. It's hella cool!

I remember doing windows drivers about 10 years ago and I never got to the bottom of that code. Linux is so much more logical. I suppose that's because it's written by people who are more intelligent ...


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