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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Anonymous Control of Zombies via Google

Here's the first part of my research into Malware Bots.

If I were a malicious person with lots of time on my hands I'm sure I could write lots of nasty bots.

However, as I;
  • Have A.A.D.D.
  • Ain't malicious
  • Have a dog, child, wife and job to occupy my time

So I won't be writing any malbots. Instead, I'll publish the ideas here to allow:
  1. Security people to start thinking about preventing the problems
  2. Malicious people to use my ideas and get rich

Part One: Anonymous Control of Zombies via Google
    A simple experiement was sufficient to prove that web-site guest books (particularly seldom-monitored and poorly thought-out ones) provide just the capability that phishers and DDoS launchers would need to send and receive messages that are hard to trace back to a central point, hard to intercept and very hard to quickly block.

Part Two: How to write a better Phisher. It's a really cleaver work... But I ain't writ it yet.


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