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Monday, October 11, 2004

Vodafone UK Debuts SMS-from-PC Software

You just know this is going to result in a lot of SPAM on people's cell phones.

After all, it integrates with Look-out, no, erm, I'm sorry, I mean, Out-of-luck, no no wait, that's not right, Outlook, yes, that's right, Outlook!

Anyway, so basically the new virus has to go like this:

  1. Install Virus on users PC by sending worm over Outlook
  2. Locate Vodafone extension
  3. FOR f = 111 111 111 TO 999 999 999;
      sms-via-outlook("07"+f, "Buy Viagra, Vagra is great, ...");
    NEXT f;
  4. DEL *.* ; REM Just for good measure, I'm a virus afterall!


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