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Monday, October 04, 2004

Oh my god, I'm a bible sales man!!

I'm in the process of cleaning out the crap in the garage that we never use.

Part of the process was getting rid of a load of old books that were sat in boxes and have sat in boxes since I moved to California in 1997.

So, most of them I took to the local library and gave them away (tax write-off!). A few of the 'valuable' ones I kept and I've put them up for sale on Amazon Market Place.

I was also lucky enough to find an old bible, which I was going to give to the library, but then for a laugh, I thought Why don't I try sell that on Amazon for $6.66. Eh, that's the juvenile type of brain I have.

Anyway it just sold to some guy in Texas ... [must ... bite ... tongue ...] ...

So while walking to the post office to dispatch my merchandize it struck me ... This makes me a f$@*ing Bible Sales Man.

    Praise da lowrd,
    I has seen da light.
    Once I was lowst, but now I is found.
    Let me hear y'all say Hallalooooja.

What can I say, I move to America to live the American Dream ... of becoming a bible sales man.

Don't forget now. If you want to buy some of my old books, there all right here on Amazon Market Place


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