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Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Graphing Calculator Story

The Graphing Calculator Story

    This is the story of a few determined developers at Apple who continued to work on their canceled project despite the lay-offs and worked without pay until the projects completion.

I found a link to this on digg.

It's an insite into the mentality of real engineers. Somewhat contrasting my rant of November: Recruiting Engineers.

Wish I worked with people more like this!


  • That's an incredible story - I must have missed it when it was on /.

    So many good quotes - but I liked this one:

    My electronic badge still opened Apple's doors, so I just kept showing up.Reminds me of a guy from high school. He worked an after school job for 6 months - but he was never paid. Some of his other friends were working there - and he had nothing better to do.

    By Blogger Joel Dixon, at 1/9/05, 2:42 AM  

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