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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Gmail / Zaurus annoyances

More annoyances on the Gmail / Zaurus front.

In the past I tried to use Gmail from my Zaurus via the Opera browser. It never worked. Opera does a core dump every time you try to access gmail.com. So I was excited when Gmail started offering POP3 access to accounts.

My excitement has quickly waned, now that I have discovered the POP access is over SSL. The mail client on the Zaurus is so basic that it doesn't support the 'standard' POP over SSL/port 995.

I'm mildly annoyed with Gmail for not testing their web interface with the Linux/Opera browser, but moreso I'm pissed off with Sharp. I've discovered the mail client is lamer than ever! This on top of all the other lame packages that ship with the Zaurus...


  • As far as the zaurus and gmail go, I'm using the sharprom 3.10 and it works. However, I have to enter the password before the username...it's quite weird.

    By Blogger infinityis, at 9/21/05, 11:50 PM  

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