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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Philips Priority Service Plan ... on Sharp products!?

So, I was looking online as one of the vendors of the Sharp Aquos LCD TV (to see if they were cheaper than what I paid at Fry's).

I noticed that at the end of the page Philips were offering extended warantees on LCD TV products of other manufacturers.

Now, couple this with my experence yesterday; I was in Frys looking for component and S-video cables (to couple up toys to the afore mentioned Sharp Aquos LCD TV :-p ) and in the end I bought a bunch of Philips branded cables because they were the best looking.

These things do make me wonder though, is Philips now relegated to the role of an accessories vendor? Have they so lost touch with the CE market that they don't know what to make, can't make things people want, can't make money on real consumer products and they've decided instead to 'take-on' the likes of Monster Cable and Coverplan.


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