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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Armida Vineyard

Had a busy sightseeing weekend last weekend. Geoff is visiting from England, so we had a couple of trips out.

Saturday we went down to Capitola for a couple of hours on the beach. Just across from the beach there is a tasting rooms for Armida Vineyard, a small winery up in Healdsburg.

Had a nice tasting and sampled a couple of their Zinfandels. If you're a Zin fan, you should really check them out. We ended up with a couple of bottle of Zin (2004 Flora Ranch and the 2004 Maple Vineyard). We also took a couple of their Sauvignon Blanc (2005) which is also very nice.

Sadly they only sell directly from the cellar, their wine club or to some restuarants - due to their size.


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