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Friday, June 30, 2006

Those Fuckwitts at Flickr ...

Those Fuckwitts at Flickr have just cost me 4 days loss of use of my god damned Yahoo! account now.

Don't ask me how it happened, it's all been a big farce from my point of view.

It seems my diveboy Flickr account was associated with my rik_sagar Yahoo! account. Don't confuse yourself thinking my diveboy Yahoo! account was associated with my diveboy Flickr account. I suppose that was my mistake somewhere down the line when I made an association between the flickr and yahoo accounts.

Anyway, somehow I managed deactivate the yahoo account by trying to login at flickr and change the email address associated withthe diveboy flickr account. Then when I went to login as rik on Yahoo I got into all kinds of confusion, resulting in a lock out of my account which has taken 4days to fix-up. Requiring no less than me faxing my drivers license to some yahoo security office.

Fortunately I'm back in business now. But it's a good job my Yahoo account had my real DoB, ZIP and name associated with it, cuz if I'd claimed to be a 16yr old girl from Alabama (as I am often want to do when I create accounts online) I would have had a whole world of trouble trying to remember my fake ID. Let that be a lesson to you all



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