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Friday, October 20, 2006

Convincing transexual

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against men trapped in womens bodies, but let's face it, no one want to be confronted with a transexual who actually looks woman. I prefer my transexuals to look like old men in frocks.

Last week I was disturbed to see a 'woman' on TV called 'Samantha'. I could easily have shagged her after a couple of Guiness, but suddenly it was revealed that Samantha started out as a 'Samuel'.

Please, all you cock doctors out there, do the decent thing: make your she-males look like crap.


  • The following comment is from an annonymous she-male:

    In response to your Transexual Topic
    Thats a terrible thing to say, you have no empathy, and coming from a female MODEL who is SECRETLY a transexual, if I had met you thouroughly knowing what you thought about us, I would have just LOVED to let you ride me a couple of times, and then contact all of your friends in the morning, telling them that you slept with a dude.

    "signed" - fucker.

    Rik Says: Please send a picture and I'll let you know whether I accept your offer of a shag.

    By Blogger UK Dive Boy, at 1/5/07, 9:18 AM  

  • You're turning into Brendan.

    Happy New Year

    By Blogger Angus Walker, at 1/9/07, 7:23 AM  

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