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Friday, February 23, 2007

Re: [Womba Squad] SETI found something!


"It's really, really horrid rap," Melin said. "It makes Ludacris look like Pavarotti."
In I follow-up story, I heard that the RIAA had now fined Melin $100000 for his involvement in illegal music sharing.

Good story though. I think I might write a perl script to ping sagar.org every time my PC boots.

I'd loved to have heard the conversation between him and the local police department ...

Melin> I logged-into the SETI database and looked-up the sender address from where the IP traffic originated when communicating back to the SETI server. Using reverse DNS look-up I was able to determine that traffic is coming from an ISP located in the 55401 area of Minnesota. Here's the IP address of the villains who've stolen my laptop
Plod> SETI? Database? IP? Laptop? Server? Well, it's been nice talking to you, but I have to get on - this donut isn't going to eat itself you know. Now run along you 4-eyed computer boffin!
Melin> [leaves]
Plod> Extra-terrestrials in Minneapolis indeed... [munch, munch, munch,...]


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