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Monday, August 27, 2007

Next toy for the bedroom

Don't worry, I'm old and married, it's nothing too racey.


Don't know whether to go with that one or the LG, which looks a bit better in the shop, is slightly cheaper, but LG are a bit of an unknown entity. The LCD panel probably is the same in both ... and probably made by LG-Philips anyway. Hmmmm.


  • Which one did you end up with?

    The sound quality and volume from the downwards facing speakers in the Samsung LCDs is pretty poor.

    By Blogger jtonline.info, at 11/8/08, 3:50 PM  

  • I got the Samsung. I like it, it works well with the Samsung DVD player which is plugged into it.

    Not noticed any problems with the sound, but as it's a bedroom TV, I'm probably not paying too much attention to it. It's mainly CNN that it gets used for ... or badly dubbed Swedish pr0n.

    It is mounted on the wall, so maybe the downwards speaker works OK in that set-up.

    By Blogger UK Dive Boy, at 11/9/08, 6:12 PM  

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