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Friday, October 26, 2007


I think WikiHow is great for suggestions about cooking spinich (where it really doesn't matter if you go wrong). But I've seen a couple of pages where the original author is refusing to accept corrections to the page (going in and reverting changes that are agreed by the consensus of readers). Be warned, WikiHow could be a bit of a WikiHown't.



  • i wrote a wiki article about my friend and they took it down because "he isn't famous"-- i persistently resubmitted the article, insisting that he was, in fact, very famous.

    but the article on denis zachaire, is all mine.

    By Blogger eleKtrofly, at 10/26/07, 5:41 PM  

  • Sorry about this problem you found on wikiHow. Since you were a brand new user one of our volunteer editors mistook your changes for vandalism. I've restored your corrections on the voltage article. You can reduce the odds of this happening by using the "edit summary" on the bottom of the edit page to explain why you are making the change.

    Again, I'm sorry about this and I hope you will give us another shot.

    BTW, I live in Palo Alto!

    By Blogger Jack Herrick, at 10/29/07, 9:39 AM  

  • Hello, fellow Santa Claran!

    wikiHow really does strive for accuracy and we really do appreciate efforts to improve the accuracy. Unfortunately, the featured articles get a great deal of traffic and a lot of edits, many of which are junk. Thus, we occasionally miss the valid edits.

    I do hope you'll give it another try. Please leave me a note there if you have any further trouble editing and I'll help see that it ends up right.

    By Blogger Dvortygirl, at 10/29/07, 9:41 PM  

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