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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Saturday Night at the Improv

Finally got to the San Jose Improv at the weekend. Headliner was Aries Spears, darn good comedian (http://www.ariesspears.com/) and good impersonator.

San Jose Improv is OK, but it's not got quite as good an atmosphere as Rooster T's in Sunnyvale. It is a lot bigger though, so gets bigger names.

First time we've really done a 'night out' in San Jose downtown on a weekend. There's a pretty good bar across the street too, called Tres Gringos. Big party bar, good Top Shelf Margaritas and loud music.

Saturday was a good night to be out, it was like being on vacation, due to the 100degree weather and loud 80s music at Tres Gringos.


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