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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

iFly "sky diving"

Went to iFly at the weekend. iFly is one of those wind-turbine things that lets you simulate jumping out of an aeroplane without too much risk of bodily harm.

iFly, Bay Area

A big fan blowing you at 120(ish) miles per hour suspending you in a column of air and allowing you to do aeronautical tricks (in theory).

Naturally, on your first go you don't really do much other than try stay level and not hit the walls. second attempt was a little better, I was able to steer myself a little and increase/decrease my drag by changing body shape a little.

After two rides I was aching in my shoulders and back, and the next day I was stiff too! When I say two 'rides' I should add that a ride only lasts ONE MINUTE! Quite a work-out!

Suited-up at iFly in Union City


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