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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Note to self - container conversion with GStreamer!

It seems I have a number of video files that will only play in VLC and Core (TCPMP) on PalmOS. While that's not really been an issue for me up until now, I have recently been playing with a different device for watching movies on the can, and that prefers a more standard format. So here's a combination of GStreamer elements I used to get the video into an MP4 container that works a little better.

export SRC_URI=\

export DEST_URI=$SRC_URI.mp4

gst-launch filesrc location=$SRC_URI ! \
ffdemux_avi name=d d.video_00 ! \
ffmux_mp4 name=m  ! \
filesink location= $DEST_URI d.audio_00 ! \
queue ! ffdec_mp3 ! lame ! m. --gst-debug=3

Still doesn't work in Quicktime. I think quicktime needs the audio to be AAC, not MP3. But the fact that it DOESN'T make Quicktime happy adds to the appeal :o)


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