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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A $75 email

Damned notary tried to charge me an extra $75 today because they had to make a second visit to see us. I didn't know the wife would need to be present with me this morning.

Needless to say, I could have just paid the extra and not complained. But I didn't feel like it. I've had nothing but shit with the whole re-fi process.

Anyway, I was rather surprised that the notary did infact waive the $75 in response to this little email.

You know, it is a little unfortunate nobody mentioned that "spouse" would need to come with me at signing.

Perhaps it could have been stated in one of the emails when we were scheduling, or maybe the notary could have given me a call before hand to go through the details. And maybe this morning when we were sat in a room together he could have mentioned the $75.

Yes, I probably should have checked, as I know "spouse" is on the house title. But then again, perhaps it's not a good judgment call, for you experienced professionals, to expect the customer to check these details.

Luckily I was at "Title Company" when Cheryl sent the email, so I have paid the additional $75.

If someone would like to admit they dropped the ball, I will accept a $75 Starbucks or Amazon gift card to sooth my frayed temper. You all have my address.


Note to self: Double check escrow to validate that the fee is refunded.

I think I did quite well. After all, the last email I sent the bank had an "F-bomb" in it.


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