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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Finally, fun with my Tessel!

I think it's about two years since I bought these Tessel boards.
- https://tessel.io

If you're not familiar, Tessel are microcontroller boards. They're similar in size to an Arduino, and have the GPIO connectivity you'd expect from a micro.

In addition to the generic GPIO connector, the Tessel has four ports that take the Tessel "Modules" - equivalent to an Arduino "shield". Because there are 4 ports, you can plug-and-play multiple Modules without issues of IO conflict (which is a problem with Arduino on occasion).

Also, USB and Wi-Fi are built in. Some peripherals connect to the Tessel via USB.

But I saved the best part until last! The Tessel is programmed in JavaScript.

After sitting in my box of microcontrollers for all that time, I finally pulled one out last week and got around to programming it.

It's such a pleasure to write code for embedded in JavaScript, though I'm sure there are Arduino lovers out there who just got a shiver down their spine :-)

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