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Friday, January 20, 2017

Well, here we go!

Donald Trump and Barack Obama in the Whitehouse together.  In a spoof of the poster art for the TV show 'orange is the new black'.  Point being, Donald Trump is the new president, and he's orange.  He's replacing Barack Obama, who's the old president, but black.

Donald Trump looking smug in the white house.

Hey, let's not panic. After all, we survived 8 years of George W. Bush, how bad could this one be?

Well, when I say "survived" George Bush, there was that foney war in Iraq. 7000 Americans literally didn't survive that.

Then there was the housing collapse, where thousands of Americans lost their houses due to the greedy banks and their subprime mortgages. Banks which George secretly bailed out with a trillion dollars check from the federal reserve.

And ofcourse, all the car companies. Didn't they go bankrupt and get taken over by the "small government" republicans. And again given a sizeable bailout. And aren't they owned by Fiat now?

And the stock market was in the toilet.

And my mortgage interest went to 7%.

And my house lost $200k in value.

But hey, we all got a tax rebate of $100 ... the first year!

Like I said, we survived the last republican president, we'll survive this one too, and rebuild after he's gone.


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