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Monday, March 27, 2017

Nigel Farage looking toward 'Calexit'

Banks said of the campaign: 'It would be portrayed as the Hollywood elites versus the people, breaking up the bad government. Seventy-eight per cent of people in California are unhappy with their government. It's the world's sixth largest economy and it's very badly run.

We need to ban these Jokers from America.  Right wing extremists, trying to force their isolationist agenda around the globe now.  Presumably because they can better exploit the people and better line their own pockets if they can get us fighting amongst ourselves.  Hey, it worked for the Brits in India for a while, I can see why they'd try again.

Of course, I can't believe their "78% of California are dissatisfied with being the world's sixth largest economy" comment.  Maybe if they plaster it on the side of a London bus and drive it through San Fran it will convince me!

How many days before Trump repeats the 78% claim?  "It's being run very badly, trust me!  If I were their governor, they would be the world's largest economy."


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