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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Why blue states get bluer, while red states get shittier

Rich New Yorkers Ask State to Raise Their Taxes
- http://nbcnews.to/2nH5Uua

When "fiscally responsible" Republicans reduce taxes, they do it at the cost of education, research and the arts.

Those tax cuts, in reality, make practically no difference to the poor.  Maybe the reduction in taxes gets them an extra six-pack of Coors each month.

On the flip side, due to the magic of percentages, the wealthy find themselves with thousands of extra cash in their pockets.  Of course, the elitist liberals in the blue states, the ones with higher salaries, see value in education, the arts, and their environment.  So we gladly donate some of our extra money to support our local schools, state parks, and local TV stations.

And so, the very people who voted for Trump, as a reaction to being neglected by the political establishment, find themselves falling even further behind.

For example, I know I'll be making donations to the California State Parks and the California Sea Otter protection fund.


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