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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Social Media and Your Illusion of Privacy

So.  Didn't people realize that the business model of social media companies is to collect all your personal information and make money from it?

Those quizzes were never really about telling you what kind of cat you were in a previous life, or ur pornstar name!  We were all aware of that right?

I'm getting a little bored of hearing how upset people are with Facebook now.  And Tim Cook's can shut his goddamn mouth.  "Apple would never sell your personal info".  STFU!  Damn straight they won't.  That's because apple won't share anything with anyone.  Have you ever tried get an mp3 off your iPod - fucking impossible.  Apple monitize you by refusing to let you take your information anywhere other than Apple.  Apple's just as corrupt as Facebook,  so Tim can stop preaching.

Anyway, good morning everyone.  Rant over!


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