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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


I have to say, American real-estate has 'bodge-job' designed right in up front. You can't do anything in a structured and well engineered 'reversible' manner. For example, houses in California.

Made out of wood, dawbed with 'stucco' to keep out the rain. So when you want to run some wires (erm, cat 5) how do you do it? You can't! You can't chase a channel in to the plaster, you can't pass 'em along a cavity wall, you can't run them behind a skirting board. You have to nail the wire to the outside of the house, drill a hole through to your room and wang the wire in. Nailing to the outside ain't exactly childs play 'cos all the woods covered with stucco to stop the termites eating it.

Whatever you do, the result is an unsightly mess of wires running on the outside of your expensive 'shed'.

God, how I long for a nice bit of brickwork drill into.


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