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Monday, July 26, 2004

Decking Design Dilemma

With the completion of the Sagarville drive-way (and very nice it looks too) we are moving onto the next little yard project - the deck or patio.

There was a patio at the back of the house, but the concrete was all lifted due to the big mulberry tree in the middle of it. So Andy (the builder who did the drive) took the concrete away - at our request.

We now have a big plot of dirt at the back of the house which we want to convert into a deck. However we have a couple of dilemma and Mrs Sagar and I can't agree how to 'design' it.

Mrs Sagar wants to just plonk a 20'x20' redwood deck there, with the mulberry sticking out of the middle. I on the other hand see that building around the tree is going to cause bags of problems with setting the level of the deck, clearing roots, digging out hundreds of cubic feet of dirt. And it's going to look aesthetically retarded.

unfortunately I don't have a good suggestion for what it does need to look like.

Time is running out, however, as Mrs Sagar is complaining that lucky-dog keeps digging in the patch of dirt and coming into the house with dirty paws.

Lucky Sleeping - 11:30pm, July 26

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