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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Doggy Update

Lucky has his first trip to a dog park at the weekend.

The Sagars went on mass, along with Ben's friend, his family and their dog.

Things went well, Lucky didn't run away too much or attack anyone ... ah, well. He did get overly curious with one little rat like chuwowa dog. He almost crushed it with one of his mighty paws. He only went over (er, bounded over) for a sniff, but the little boy holding rat-dog got scared and let go of the leash ... I think rat-dog got scared too cos it tried to run away. Now, anyone'll tell you, if you run away from a boystrous lab that's like an open invite for it to come and play 'tag'.

Unfortunately rat-dogs break easy. There was some yelping and some upset children. Rat-dog and his family decided to leave the park in a huff. Sorry rat-dog! If it's any consollation Lucky felt really bad about spoiling your morning. He came and laid down on the grass for two minutes looking guilty.


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