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Monday, July 12, 2004

Yeah right, and here are the keys to my fucking car too Sanjay..!

Couple of years back my retarded multinational employer set-up an information sharing service so that all employees world wide can disseminate information.

Kind of a cool idea, people are 'network' and 'empowered' (blah). If someone has something they want to share they can send out messages to other employees who list similar interests in their profile. Maybe other employees would like to 'pick-it-up-and-run-with-it'.

At the moment the retarded multinational I work for is busy, like all retarded multinationals, re-locating all its 'development resources' to Bangalore.

Someone told them that an engineer in Bangalore is just as good as an engineer in Silicon Valley, but 1/4 the price. Someone said that ... I think it was an India guy, anyway!

Remember that kewl information dissemination board I mentioned? Below is an example of the types of message that come-up on the list on a pretty regular basis these days;

    I have been assigned the task of developing a doo-hicky for Set-top Box. Does anybody has a prior experience in developing a doo-hicky for Consumer Electronics goods?

    Regards, Sanjay - Bangalore

Hmmm, let me think, ..., just a minute now ... I'm sure I've got that information. Oh wait a minute it's right here in my fucking head.

Needless Sanjay isn't his real name and he isn't really making a doo-hicky.

There were a couple of small typographical errors in the text, but I don't want to focus on those.

I am perplexed, my dear retarded multinational employer. I mean, assuming it's a good idea to have all these people in Bangalore saving you money. And assuming they're saving you lots of money. Wouldn't it be a good idea to train them to do the job you pay them to do (pay them $4/hour).


I'm having a little trouble formulating exactly what I want to say here.

Needless to say, the poor Bangalore employees (and they are poor) never seem to get their questions answered on the list. Not suprising. Presumably the person who used to do Doo-hicky design got laid-off about a week before Sanjay got his company push-bike.

I'm thinking there's some misconception by 'senior management' that just because two guys both have an engineering degree it makes them the same person. Funny a BMW and a Lada are both cars, yet no CEO ever drives a Lada. Both cars right, should be interchangable. Do you know you can get 4 Lada's for the price of a BMW.

Ah, I'm rambling.

It just takes a couple of retarded multinationals to say they're onto a good thing then every other retarded multinational jumps at the same idea. Regardless of whether the business situation for their company is identical to the other.

To be honest, it made no sense for my retarded multinational to move into silicon valley in the mid-90's. I'm glad they did, cos I got a cushy deal out of it. I know they did that just because everyone else was doing it and someone (an American I think) told them that Silicon Valley has creative people. Incidentally, my retarded multinational opened up it's office in silicon valley and staffed it with Expats. Yeah, I know, what was the point of that. Good holiday though for us expats.

So, back to Sanjay. I'm assuming that, in about 3 years, poor Sanjay will be writing a bitter blog entry like this. Complaining about some young guy called, ahem ... Sum Yeung Gai ... sorry couldn't resist :D who's now doing the job he used to do. But for $1/hour.

I don't see many expats scrambling to get postings to our Bangalore office.

p.s., I'm bitter, but no, that doesn't mean I got laid off incase you were wondering. But if my retarded multinational employer reads this things might change...


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