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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Kids 'Bat Rope' Utility Belt Grappling Hook versus Sony Walkman Earbud

Don't know about you. But I recall that, when I was a kid, I was
always frustrated with my "Bat Rope". The sexy little plastic
grappling hook at the end of the rope was totally useless. It would
never grapple onto anything. Trees, Sheds, Lorrys, Fences, all

Now contrast that to the earbuds that come on your headset for your
mobile phone/iPod/Sony Walkman. If I take that earbud out for a
second while I'm walking into a store, the car, work, whatever, that
little fucker always manages to get itself grappled onto the flattest,
smoothest, most polished of chrome or brushed aluminium.

The number of times my left ear has been yanked into the car window
because the right earbud was out and decided to mate with my seat

It's so annoying. But I guess it answers the top question of a ten
year old boy. "Howcome batman never has trouble with his grappling
hook" Obviously his was made by Sony, not Tomy.


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