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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Stupid, stupid, stupid Lotus Notes

OK, not entirely Lotus Notes to blaim, there is a slight issue with Perl 5.8 on Windows (ActiveState Perl).

In my Lotus Calendar I chose the "Import Holidays" feature to suck in notable dates, seemed like a smart idea.

I have a perl process running that exports my work calendar to my Yahoo! calendar - I'm very geeky you know!

The trouble I now have is that my lotus calendar has usefully scheduled my Christmas holiday right through to the year 2121. Perl doesn't know how to deal with dates after 2038.

The Perl issue I understand, it's a limitation of the unix date function. But why Lotus think I'm going to care about Christmast 2121!

If limiting the date to a 32bit integer in unix is underengineering, Lotus' choice is definately over engineering.

The real reason I'm pissed off is it seems the Fisher Price user interface of Lotus notes is not allowing me do to a 'delete all' I'm having to go through every year and delete holidays.


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