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Monday, June 27, 2005

Sagar Junkbot

I've wanted to work on a robot project with Ben for some time. I had a good collection of appropriate technology when I was at Philips;

  1. Richochet Modems

  2. Singleboard computer

  3. RC5 IR transmitter/receiver

  4. Handspring Visor

Unfortunately, when I left Philips I left all that good stuff behind - didn't think it was appropriate to pilfer all that.

Over the past couple of months I've been fortunate enough to come across similar suitable components.
  1. Some from my friend Gareth back in England (lego motors/technical lego he just happened to have lying around.

  2. Old Palm, Handspring, PalmOne PDAs from work, that are legitimately being junked in the move to our new offices in Sunnyvale

So my task now is to get the lego motors hooked up to some vintage of Palm PDA.

I have some relays and stuff lying around at home that I was using a good 7 years ago when I last attempted to make an autonomous vehicle - but halfway into the project I emigrated from Surrey to Cupertino :)

I think I need 4v to drive the Lego motors, so I'm going to call in at Frys to get a little battery holder (3xAA). 4.5V - near enough!

I'll get Ben hooked on Electronics before too long :)   Although I think he'd rather be a space man.

Anyway, once we get through the basic principles of forward and reverse, based on polarity of a battery, we will progress onto remote control via wireless or RS232.

I tracked down a copy of PDA Robotics
. That should help!

Don't know whether to pilpher a copy of code warrior from work to do the software, or be legitimate and use the GNU toolchain.


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