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Monday, September 12, 2005

Big Sur Camping Weekend

Had a fun weekend down in Pfeiffer Big Sur state park.

Took Lucky-dog with us for the first time in over a year. When we last took him camping he was a nightmare, but we had only had him a few weeks at the time. He was really good this time, hardly any barking, not much chasing of forest critters.

Best part obout this campsite is the big river that runs through it that has a nice deep pool you can swim/paddle/boat in. I expected the river to be pretty warm as it's had all summer to warm-up, but it was damn cold. Ben tried swiming in it once and that was enough for him, lucky contemplated a swim for about two seconds, but so dumb as to swim across the river. Infact there was only one person stupid enough in the family to dive in and swim across the 60degree river and that was me. Man it was brain-numbingly cold. Don't recall it being so cold last year when we were their.

Glad we had the dingy to play in.

Called in at Carmel on the way home, just to let Lucky have a run on the beach to tire himself out.


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