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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cingular Voice Prompts are a Safety Hazzard

Another thing that makes me sick of cingular;

Today I tried to make a call.

I was driving, I was wearing a bluetooth headset, my
phone has voice

So I press my voice dial button and say "Call ... Joe
Blow ... at

The next thing I hear is;
"Your balance is running low,
you have $4.20 remaining.

To recharge your account with
a pre-paid card press 1, to
recharge with a credit card
press 2. To skip this menu
press the # key".

I have a pre-paid account you see and when the balance
gets low they
very nicely remind you to buy some more minutes.
That's fine, but the
problems are:

a) I MUST make a choice from this menu.

b) i can't press # until it's told me all three

To me it would be logical that if I don't press any
buttons they
should just place the call. I have $4.20 remaining,
that's 42 minutes
of talk time on my plan if I call another Cingular
customer. It's a
simple deduction; I was trying to make a call, I
dialed a number, I
didn't do anything to indicate I don't want to make
the call
any longer, I have enough money to make the call.

Instead I have to lean over to the back seat of my
car, dig out the
phone from my backpack, find the # key while I'm
driving down the
freeway. Do you see that this kind of makes the
wireless headset and
voice dial somewhat irrelevant from a safety point of

And why do you FORCE me to listen to the stupid
message all the way
through. I know I have to press #. Tomorrow, when I
try make a call
and I have $3.90 balance left (ergo, 39 minutes talk
time to another
cingular subscriber), I will STILL know that I need to
press #, but
you will again force me to listen to the whole
message. You will
force me to listen to the message 4 times before you
drop my call
because I can't reach the phone to press the damned #

And this is why I consider Cingular Voice Prompts a
safety hazzard.


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