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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Treating Your Espresso Right ...

... Courtesy of Barefoot Coffee Roasters, Cupertino

Thanks Paul for listening to recent rant about getting Espresso's to go.  Here's the skinny...
If you allow a properly prepared espresso shot sit for more than a minute, or let it get cold, it turns bitter-sour and nasty, and loses every good aspect it had to start with, aside from the caffiene.

The water in an Americano will capture and hold the crema, flavor, and aroma of the espresso shot rather than letting it evaporate. It will also provide a good deal of heat to help preserve these precious qualities.

Your freindly neighborhood Barefoot Coffee Roasters Barista,


Thanks to Paul for being responsive to customers needs. 

That said, I can't tell the difference between Americano made with fresh espresso versus 1hour old espresso. 

But like a always say, consumers don't care about quality, that's why Wal*Mart and Microsoft do so well.


  • Wal-Mart.... Not Good Quality?????

    It's ASDA.

    George is the fantastic new style from London. Havent you seen the ad? or dont you get it down there?.

    I hope you do. it has a really good end to the ad with a double decker bus getting converted into a single decker.... I thought that was priceless in the light of recent events!!!!!!

    By Blogger Angus Walker, at 11/23/05, 12:45 PM  

  • I didnt see your comment on our site until now. Our spam filter marks posts from blogger as spam! Yes it's definatly a boy. we have a picture showing the neccessary bits. I just didnt want to put that on the website because of pedofiles and the chance that we would get locked up for posting naked photos of children!!! would you still be a "Gary Glitter" if you post naked pictures of a child that isn't born yet??? I wouldnt like to have to go to court to find out! but rest assured, we know he's a boy!!!!
    Good to hear from you.
    Oz, Angus and soon to be Alfie

    By Blogger Angus Walker, at 11/23/05, 1:24 PM  

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