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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Flickr: Ok - You're all signed up

Flickr: Ok - You're all signed up: "Corroded collusus"

fuckwitt titty boy is my new flikr ID. Really the titty boy fuckwitts are the guys at flickr who couldn't reconsile that fact that my flicker account was ukdiveboy@yahoo.com and - since Yahoo! assimilated Flickr - they don't understand how I could possibly want to access my flicker account using a Yahoo! email address, yet not want to log-into flickr via the "Login to flicker using your flickr account".

I am ranting I know.

Anyway, if you have any idea how I can access the pictures I posted to flickr using my ukdiveboy username and merge them to my "fuckwitt titty boy" username, please let me know.

By the way, textamerica rocks way more than flickr.

RIP Yahoo! - Long live Google.


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