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Monday, May 01, 2006

I word of advice to the MEDC2006 website!

Dear MEDC2006@microsoft.crgevents.com,


I was planning to come to the MEDC2006, but after visiting the website I’m at a loss for words!


The site it terrible!  I have learned nothing about the conference from visiting your site!


-          Clicking the link for the pre-conference tutorials (http://medc06.vmldev.com/overview.aspx#precon) presented me with a Windows Login prompt!?

-          The Conference agenda (http://www.medc2006.com/sessionschedule.aspx) informs me merely that you will be having 4 days of labs

-          The “Session Catalog” (http://www.medc2006.com/sessionschedule.aspx) informs me that there are 215 items of varying ‘level’.  However it doesn’t tell me when these sessions may or may not be taken, nor what “level 200” might presume about my ability.


The only thing I did glean from this worthless site is that I’ll be $1200 out of pocket if I attend.


Can’t say you’ve inspired me to become a WinMo developer.  


Thanks for saving me $1200.


My advice would be to spend less time on database queries to generate your website and more on constructing pages of useful information.





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