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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Overnight car valeting

aka: Some bastards took all the stuff out of the front of my car

Christmas came early this year ... for someone.

Got up this morning and someone had emptied the glovebox, change tray and other storage nooks and crannies in the front of my car. While it was sat in the drive right at the front of the house.

Cellphone missing, bluetooth headset, priceless CD collection (folk, 80 hair-band rock, etc.) and a number of loyalty cards.

They even had the audacity to use the cellphone and put $25 on the account (it's a pre-pay). i don't quite understand the logic there ... then again, I'm not a robber. Anyway, it's my $25 now as I blocked the SIM and got a new one from AT&T. Battery was fucked on that phone as well so they didn't score as well as they thought.

So all in all, they didn't get away with much. They hit someone else in the street too though and she'd left her purse in the car. In the space of about 12 hours they'd emptied her bank account and spent about $8000 on her credit cards.

The response from Police Department was very re-assuring. "Did they leave anything behind that they used to break into the car ... no ... OK, just go to our website and fill-in the 'I've been robbed' form". Nice. Not quite what I was expecting. I though someone would have come over and dusted for prints.

AT&T were about as much good when I told them the phone was still being used. Now according to CSI the phone company should have triangulated the position of the 'perp' and dispatched a SWAT team before frying the innards of the phone to prevent it from being used. Reality ... not so exciting. "No, we don't know where the phone is and we can't disable it, they can just get a new SIM and reactive it".

Is there any wonder crime is rife!


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